8 KW Solar Panel System

All About 8 KW Solar Panel System: Cost, Roi And Output

Australia has taken a long way in the solar system to save green energy. And not only in Australia but across the country, we can see that 10% of suitable rooftops are now embedded with solar panels. Different sizes of solar systems are installed depending on the incentives, what prices are offered at the solar panel installation, and the electricity needs of any project (commercial/residential).

The maximum system that can be installed in residential areas is 15kw in Australia; it will produce sufficient electricity to meet the requirements of the home’s daytime.

Solar Panels and Roof Space Required for 8 kW system:

Gradually, over time, the efficiency of 8 kw solar panels has increased and improved, and due to that, the number of panels required to be installed for the 8kw system is 20-24 panels.

One needs to consider the space required between panel size and maintenance and access with exclusion zones of the property, like edges and ridges of the roof.

8 kw solar system cost:

We all know about the federal rebate called STC offered by the Australian govt, and it covers 30-35% of the upfront cost of installing solar Based on the index provided by the, After STC, the price of the 8 kw solar system will be $7.737 inc. GST. Break down of the cost as per state has been mentioned below in the table:

 8 kW solar system price will be $7.737 inc.

Electric bills will continue to grow as we electrify homes, switch to EVs, and remote work. But you don’t have to worry – solar panel systems are getting bigger, too. More homeowners are getting quotes for 8 kW solar panel systems to cover the costs of their luxurious lifestyle.

Cost of 8kw system

Solar panel chart by year

How much energy will be produced:

Actual power output depends on various factors like:

  • Location and Climate
  • Tilt & orientation of the solar panels
  • Presence or absence of shading
  • Overheating of the solar panels
  • The quality and size of the system’s inverter
  • The performance of the overall system

In all these points mentioned above, the common thing is the sunlight available in a given region. The solar industry uses a metric to measure Peak Sun Hours(PSH: equal to 1 hour of full sunlight) as the sun moves through the sky, and the strengths of the rays it casts on the location(varies).

Solar panel output by capital city

Key takeaways 

  • The 8 kW solar system will cost approximately $16,800, including the 30% federal tax credit.
  • An 8 kW solar panel system will generate between 700 and 1,400 kWh monthly electricity.
  • The exact number of panels will vary based on the panels’ wattage, but 20 to 22 solar panels are used in an 8 kW solar system.
  • 8 kW of solar panels will save an average of $150 per month on your electricity bill, but your utility rates and net metering policy determine actual savings.
  • You can install an 8 kW solar system using a DIY installation kit, but it can be dangerous and a headache.

Payback & Returns on 8 kw solar system:

Payback period & ROI depend on various factors, but the main thing to install in Australia is the low cost of installation and solar system compared to the high cost of electricity bill. From state to state and distributor to distributor, FIT varies.

If you own a solar system, then you think about consuming as much power as it produces, as it will save a great amount of power. The electricity purchased from retailers is higher than FIT offered by the same/ different retailer for excessive solar power.

Indicative payback periods for 8kw solar panel systems

8 KW Solar Panel System FAQs:

1. How much area does the owner need to install an 8 kW solar panel system?

– The space required for an 8 kW solar panel system can vary depending on solar panel efficiency and layout factors. However, one needs around 500 to 600 square feet of unshaded roof space for installation.

2. What is the average cost of installing an 8kw solar panel system at the property?

  – An average cost of an 8 kW solar panel system can be based on location, installer, and other factors. On average, the homeowner, before incentives and rebates, is expected to pay between $15,000 to $25,000.

3. How much electricity is generated from the 8 kW solar panel system on the property?

– Per year, an 8 kW solar system can generate approximately 11,000 to 14,000 kWh of electricity, depending on numerous factors like location, orientation, tilt angle, and weather conditions.

4. Is there any maintenance required for an 8 kW solar panel system?

 – Solar panels generally require low and minimum maintenance. A periodic inspection is needed to ensure panels are clean and debris-free, and checking the system’s performance is recommended. Additionally, you may need to trim nearby trees that could shade the panels.

5. What incentives are available from the government for installing an 8 kW solar panel system at the property?

– Incentives for solar can vary by location but include federal tax credits, state and local rebates, and net metering programs. These incentives can reduce the upfront installation cost and shorten the payback period.

6. Can an 8 kW solar system save money on the owner’s electricity bill?

Can you imagine? An 8 kW solar system can save up to $150 on electricity bills, based on the average electric rate in the U.S. That’s nearly $1,800/ year in solar savings!

The exact amount of the 8 kW solar system can vary from state to state. Lastly, owner electricity bill savings from solar will depend on how much electricity the property uses, how much electricity your solar panels produce, the net metering policy in your area, and your utility charges.

7. Can you install an 8 kW solar system yourself?

Yes, you can install an 8 kW solar system yourself. 8 kW solar panel installation kits are available online and include the solar installation equipment you need to complete the system, including panels and inverters. Good quality 8 kW solar kits typically cost a minimum of $12,000, but don’t be surprised if the total price inches closer to the $15,000 mark.

There are a few things you want to keep in mind about DIY solar installations before you jump right in. First, installing solar panels yourself without any training can be dangerous. Solar installations are electrical jobs that usually require you to be at great heights. It would help if you were comfortable working on a roof and performing electrical work. You also risk voiding equipment warranties with a DIY solar project.

Installing solar panels yourself is against Australian government law. Different states and municipalities require solar panels to be connected to the grid by an electrician or a certified solar professional. You need to hold the proper licenses to connect to your utility. If you plan to install an off-grid solar system, ensure it is allowed in your municipality.

Overall, we suggest you go with a solar professional, as it is the best way to ensure your solar installation is performed safely and correctly. Someone has to pay extra money for it, but it’s ultimately worth it

8. Is installing an 8 kW solar system at your property worth?

Absolutely! An 8 kW solar system can be worth it for your property, but it ultimately depends on your area and how much electricity you use. If you use around 800 kWh of electricity monthly, an 8 kW system might be the correct size.

Esteem Energy calculator pulls the latest electricity rate data, solar incentives in your area, and climate and weather data to determine the solar system size that is correct for you.

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