Solis Inverter review

All About Solis Inverter and Review

If you’re on a budget but unwilling to compromise on quality, Solis Inverter emerges as a beacon in the solar energy landscape. Derived from the Latin word “sol solis,” translating to “SUN,” Solis positions itself as a budget-friendly yet powerful inverter option. 

Solis, a subsidiary of Ningbo Ginlong Technologies Co Ltd established in 2005, has made an excellent mark in the solar energy industry. Although manufactured in China, Solis has strategically positioned itself globally, with offices and service centers in various countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, South Africa, and more.

Introduction to Solis Inverter: 

1. Latin Roots: 

Solis’s name is derived from the Latin word for the sun, which aligns with its commitment to harnessing solar energy efficiently.

2. Affordability: 

Solis Inverter aims to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising performance and is positioned as a budget-friendly option.

Key Aspects of Solis Inverter: 

1. Performance Metrics: 

   – Efficiency: 

Solis Inverter boasts competitive efficiency levels, ensuring optimal energy conversion.

   – Reliability: 

Users often commend Solis for its consistent performance over time.

   – Durability: 

The build quality aligns with industry standards, creating a durable and long-lasting inverter.

2. Ease of Installation:  

   – User-Friendly: 

Solis Inverter is known for its user-friendly design and simplified installation.

   – Installation Costs: 

The budget-friendly nature extends to installation costs, making it an attractive choice for cost-conscious consumers.

3. Inverter Technology:  

   – String Inverters:

 Solis primarily offers string inverters for residential and small to medium-sized commercial installations.

4. Monitoring and Connectivity:  

   – Monitoring Systems: 

Solis provides monitoring systems, allowing users to track and analyze energy production.

   – Connectivity:  

With options for Wi-Fi and other connectivity features, Solis enhances user experience through remote monitoring.

5. Customer Support:  

   –Responsive Support:  

Users report responsive customer support from Solis, addressing queries and concerns promptly.

History in Australia: 

Solis is significant in the Australian market among the first three imported solar PV inverters. Its commitment to quality and distribution is evident through collaborations with top retailers and specialist solar wholesalers in Australia.

Global Recognition: 

Solis inverters have gained global recognition in prestigious locations like China’s Shanghai Expo and France’s Eiffel Tower. The “All Quality Matters” awards for the Ginlong Solis (25-50) K-5G inverter underscore the company’s commitment to excellence.

Mission and Standards: 

Solis’s mission is to develop technology that powers the world with clean energy. CEC approval further establishes the credibility of Solis inverters, aligning with global goals for renewable energy.

Manufacturing Location: 

While Solis inverters are manufactured in China, the company has established its office in Australia, ensuring accessibility and support for users.

Different Versions of Solis Inverters:  

1. String Inverter:  

   – Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

   – Lightweight and compact design.

   – Competitive efficiency rates up to 98%.

   – String inverters are cost-effective and popular for home installations.

2. Hybrid Inverter:  

   – Also known as a “smart inverter.”

   – Offers both on-grid and off-grid capabilities.

   – Supplies DC power to the battery and provides power to appliances in AC form.

   – Monitors grid conditions and adjusts operations accordingly.

   – Can expand batteries for increased storage.

Available Solis Solar Inverters in Australia:  

Solis offers a range of inverters catering to different needs. Some notable models include:

– Solis-1P8K-5G (Single Phase Inverter)

– Solis-3P6K-4G-AU (Three-Phase Inverter)

– Solis-3P8K-4G-AU (Three-Phase Inverter)

– RHI-6K-48ES-5G (Hybrid Inverter)

These models feature high efficiency, dual MPPT design, built-in DC switches, and compatibility with various applications.

Advantages of Solis Inverters:

– Proven reliability with global installations.

– Competitive efficiency rates.

– User-friendly monitoring app.

– Lightweight and compact design for easy installation.

– IP65 ratings for weather resistance.

Disadvantages of Solis Inverters: 

– Subject to the declining STC rebate.

Monitoring System: 

Solis provides a user-friendly monitoring app that is compatible with Android and iPhone smartphones. The monitoring system allows real-time tracking of the inverter’s performance.

Efficiency and Performance:  

Solis inverters boast efficiency rates of up to 98%, ensuring optimal energy conversion. Their performance is validated by rigorous testing, including thermal cycling and extreme temperatures.


Details of the warranty for Solis inverters should be provided in the current content.


 In conclusion, Solis Inverter is an attractive option for those seeking affordability without compromising on inverter performance. Solis is committed to efficient and effective solar energy utilization and caters to budget-conscious consumers while providing reliable and durable solutions. The user-friendly design and excellent responsive customer support add to the overall positive experience. If one prioritizes cost-effectiveness and reliability, Solis Inverter could be the key to unlocking solar savings without breaking the bank. 

Solis is a reliable and cost-effective choice for solar inverters, with a global presence and best recognition. The company’s commitment to innovation, research, and adherence to industry standards positions it as a reputable player in the solar energy sector. If you choose affordability, efficiency, and a commitment to clean energy, then you can align with your priorities. Solis inverters could be suitable for residential as well as commercial solar panel systems.

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