Will Trees Affect Solar Panels

Will Trees Affect Solar Panels?

Nowadays, people are thinking about switching to solar systems in residential or commercial areas, but a common question arises: Trees around the property will affect solar panels generation?

But trees are an essential thing as in summer days, we do need for shade purposes, to keep things cool and comfortable. But for solar panels their presence can be an outrageous option as it will block sunlight and in the solar panel system sunlight plays a crucial role.

Vice – versa, it will affect the whole performance of the solar panels as well as slight changes in the amount in the electricity bill.

Performance by Solar Panels: 

As we know, solar panels will only work optimally when it is in direct sunlight, so it can be said that trees, even a partial shading, can hinder their ability to generate maximum energy.  And result in efficiency of solar power systems. One solar panel efficiency is higher/ lower can impact the whole surrounding of the group of panels.

Tree Positioning and Solar Panel Orientation:

Both the height and position of the trees around the solar panels have a direct impact on shading and make them less efficient. It can be explained by an example: if trees are on the east or west side of solar panels then it will cast shadow during a crucial time of the day, especially when sun rises or sets.But trees on the south side will deliver more constant shading throughout the day, especially when the sun is high and gradually moving across the sky.

Seasonal Variations:

The tree’s panel shading is affected by the change of season. While purchasing a solar power system, one needs to determine the seasonal changes in Weather and that’s how one will get to know how to determine solar panel’s performance.

Tree Pruning and Trimming:

This tree pruning and trimming can nip any shading issue and to do this, try trimming branches which cast direct shadow on solar panels which minimises obstruction of light. But before taking any step discuss with a tree specialist which ensures the tree to be safe and proper pruning.

Solar Design and Placement:

Vital factor is to see the solar design and the placement for the same, they result in minimising shading impacts.  For example, optimising the panels orientation and tilt angle can completely / partially block tree shading.

If you are planning to install it is wise to examine the surrounding trees, considering the location of trees. And future growth will help to choose an optimal location which covers 2 bases: minimising the concern of shading and maximising solar production.

But this whole process takes a very long time, but most solar companies and lenders are aware of the money side of things as well as the refinancing process. So for more information you can directly connect with https://esteemenergy.com.au/

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