Purchasing Power

Purchasing Power Through Co-Operatives

A solar co-op is made up of individuals, businesses, or both, partnering up to meet both shared energy needs and get bulk discounts. If we talk about solar communities, then it is an excellent option for those who rent homes, live in condo buildings or don’t have a suitable roof.

On the other hand, Co-ops are an excellent option for Americans who want to get benefits by installing rooftop solar arrays but are only concerned about the upfront cost. You can get a chance to co-op for rooftop installation for your home or business.

Benefits of Co -Op:

1. Responsive to needs:

Not only do solar co-ops provide lifetime benefits to customers/ owners, but peace of mind, too, because the whole process is done together. Co-ops respond to every need of the customer and community and work with municipal govt to streamline and improve the permitting process.

2. Affordability:

Equal to community solar projects, working and acting together as a team can help homeowners save money by attracting bids from various solar installers.

3. Flexibility:

There is one more advantage of Solar Co-ops, which is that they have no binding commitments and are free to join. There’s even some geographic flexibility, as members don’t necessarily have to live in the same neighborhood. Many co-op regions span multiple counties and grow large enough to attract interest from several solar installers.

Solar Co-ops are perfect for you to look in your community and neighborhood and get one so that not only 1 but 2 owners benefit from rooftop installation.

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