Growatt Inverter

Growatt Inverter

Growatt Inverter

Growatt vision is to be a world leader in the production, distribution, and development of solar inverters.

Growatt has known for its wide range with the launch of the groundbreaking X-Hybrid solar energy storage system. Growatt X1Boost is the most powerful inverter on the market giving a high-end performance.

They manufacture inverters with a 5-year warranty at low rates and claim a mean-time until failure of more than 100,000 hours.



14.6 KG


339 mm × 420 mm × 143 mm


Between -20°C – +60°C


MPPT efficiency of 99.9%


  • SolaX is environmentally friendly 
  • Silent operation Long life span
  • Comes with an superb cloud-based surveillance system.
  • Higher efficiency up to 97.6%
  • 8-step quality control system
  • Heat dissipation method

Growatt Inverters: A Comprehensive Guide for Australian Consumers

Growatt Inverter Review

Growatt is a main producer of solar inverters, recognized for its reliability, efficiency, and superior era. Growatt inverters are extensively used in residential, business, and business solar installations around the arena, including Australia. The logo gives quite a number of inverters, such as well-known sun inverters, hybrid inverters, and specialized merchandise for diverse programs.

Growatt Solar Inverter

Growatt sun inverters are designed to transform the direct modern (DC) generated by solar panels into alternating modern (AC), which may be used by family appliances or fed into the grid. These inverters are recognized for their excessive efficiency, consumer-pleasant interfaces, and robust performance under diverse environmental situations. 

Growatt Inverter Australia

In Australia, Growatt has received a full-size reputation due to the reliability and affordability of its inverters. Many Australian homeowners and organizations pick Growatt inverters for their solar structures due to their strong overall performance and exceptional after-sales aid. The corporation has a nicely-hooked presence in the Australian market, making sure that customers have access to neighborhood help and offerings.

Growatt Inverter Hybrid

Growatt hybrid inverters are designed to work with both solar panels and battery garage systems. These inverters permit customers to store extra solar strength in batteries for later use, providing greater strength, independence, and security. Hybrid inverters are specifically beneficial in areas with volatile grid conditions or for off-grid applications.

Growatt Hybrid Solar Inverter

The Growatt hybrid solar inverter integrates the capabilities of a trendy sun inverter with the potential to control energy storage. This makes it a versatile solution for homes and organizations trying to maximize their sun energy usage and reduce dependence on the grid. The hybrid inverter can seamlessly transfer between sun power, battery garage, and grid power to ensure a regular power supply.

Growatt Merchandise

Growatt gives a wide variety of merchandise to satisfy diverse solar power needs. Those encompass:

– Trendy Solar Inverters: 

Efficiently convert sun power for grid use.

– Hybrid Inverters: 

Combine sun and battery storage for extra flexibility.

– Off-Grid Inverters: 

Designed for areas without getting admission to the grid.

Monitoring Structures: 

Offer actual-time records on sun electricity production and utilization.

Growatt Inverter Charge Australia

The price of Growatt inverters in Australia varies based on the model and its capabilities. On common:

– Standard Growatt Solar Inverters:

– standard Growatt solar Inverters range from $1,000 to $2,500, depending on the power score and specific version.

Growatt Hybrid Inverters

Normally valued between $2,000 and $4000, with expenses stimulated by means of their potential and additional capabilities.

– Growatt Inverter Price:

The general fee of a Growatt inverter now includes not just the purchase charge but also the setup and any extra accessories required. Even as Growatt inverters are affordable, it’s vital to recollect the entire price of possession, which includes preservation and capacity savings on strength payments over time.

Growatt inverters provide a dependable and cost-powerful solution for sun electricity systems in Australia. Whether or not you need a widespread sun inverter, a hybrid version, or specialized off-grid solutions, Growatt has a product to meet your wishes. With their sturdy presence in the Australian marketplace and a reputation for being the best, Growatt inverters are a strong desire for everybody looking to put money into solar strength.