Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning – Forward Step For a Better Future!

Solar Panels are uncovered in harsh weather. Hence, they need better cleaning and time to time proper maintenance for maximising their efficiency and lifespan. Here are some key points to consider for keeping your solar panels in excellent condition:

Maintaining your solar panels is crucial for maximising their efficiency and lifespan.

Tips on Increasing Solar Panel Efficiency

Here are some key points to consider for keeping your solar panels in excellent condition:

Regular Inspection:

Inspect your solar panels for visible damage, such as cracks, chipping, or loose connections. This can help you catch potential issues early on.


Dust, dirt, leaves, bird droppings, and other debris can accumulate on the surface of your solar panels and block sunlight. Regular cleaning is essential to ensure optimal energy production. Depending on your location and pollution level, you should clean them every few months. However, it’s necessary to follow proper cleaning techniques to avoid damaging the panels:

Use clean, soft materials such as a sponge or a soft cloth to wipe away dirt.

Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals, as they can scratch the surface or damage the protective coating.

Use a gentle soap solution and water to remove stubborn grime if needed.

Be careful to climb onto your roof to clean the panels. Safety should be a top priority.

Watering System:

Some solar panels have built-in water sprinklers to clean the panels automatically. If your system has this feature, make sure it’s functioning correctly.

Shading and Trimming:

Ensure that no trees, branches, or other objects cast shadows on your panels. Shading can significantly reduce their output. If necessary, trim nearby vegetation to prevent shading.

Extreme Weather:

Solar panels are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and hail. However, if you live in an area prone to heavy snowfall or hail, consider installing a protective screen or covering during extreme weather events to prevent damage.

Professional Maintenance:

While homeowners can perform many maintenance tasks, having an experienced solar technician conduct an annual maintenance check is a good idea. They can ensure that electrical connections are secure, inspect the inverter, and comprehensively assess your system’s health.


Check your solar panel warranty for specific maintenance requirements or recommendations. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines can help you maintain warranty coverage.


Consider using monitoring tools or software that allow you to track the performance of your solar panels. If you notice a sudden drop in energy production, it might indicate a problem that requires attention.

Safety First:

When dealing with solar panels, remember to prioritise safety. If you need clarification on any maintenance tasks, it’s better to consult a professional.

When should we clean a Solar Panel?:

There is no rule or time when you need to clean the solar panel at that particular time. But what thumb or general rule says it should at least be cleaned twice a year? External factors like Location, weather type and, of course, kind of solar panel may have an impact of taking dirt, grim or debris on them.

The type of panel installed is an essential factor to consider as it should be new and upgraded to the latest version, but if it’s a bit old version of the panels, then it may require quite often cleaning due to dirt and dust. New boards with new versions require less cleaning, and it also catches less dirt, debris and grim on them.

Ways to Clean Solar Panel Systems:

Usually, this type of cleaning requires a professional, so we recommend you call a professional and take guidance and steps according to that panel and the needs of the panel systems.

But if someone thinks they need cleaning on an urgent basis, then as an individual, they need a harness for the safety of the essential tool before cleaning the solar panels.

The easiest way of cleaning solar panels is by mixing water and mild soap, or you can even use a cleaning solution, especially for PV panels.

The process for cleaning panels is further discussed down below:

  1. Wash the solar panels with water first to remove the dust and dirt.
  2. Then, mix a cleaning solution of water with mild soap( specialised solar panel cleaning solution or dish soap)
  3. Apply to the panels with a soft cloth or a squeegee
  4. For scrubbing away the dust and dirt, use a soft, bristled brush
  5. Clean the board with water to remove the cleaning solution and soap residue.
  6. To dry boards, use a clean and soft cloth.

Don’ts of cleaning Solar Panels:

  1. Don’t use any chemicals or abrasive material like scouring pads, wire brushes etc., it will damage the panels by scratch, or it may be damage that can reduce their ability to absorb sunlight and generate electricity.
  2. Don’t clean on a hot sunny day; it can evaporate the cleaning solution quickly or leave streaks or residue on the panels.
  3. Using high-pressure hoses or gurneys can cause a significant impact on panels leading to less efficiency and potential water damage to the electrical components.
  4. Walking on the panels can harm the boards and cause physical damage leading to the voiding’s manufacturer warranty.

Using professional solar panel cleaning service:

Getting cleaned by a professional service company can lead to better efficiency of the solar panels with a significant life period. It can bring many benefits:

  • Increasing efficiency by using the latest tools while cleaning.
  • Reducing damage due to the cleaner’s training.
  • Improving the safety of the cleaner.

Tips on Increasing Solar Panel Efficiency

  • Regular Inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Watering System
  • Shading and Trimming
  • Extreme Weather
  • Professional Maintenance
  • Warranty:
  • Monitoring:
  • Safety First: