best solar system for residential projects

Best Solar System For Residential Projects in NSW

Top-Notch Solar Solutions

Esteem Energy is committed to providing top-notch solar solutions while highlighting your experience and dedication.

Here’s an overview of your statement:

Experience and Initiative:

  • You start by emphasizing your team’s collective experience spanning decades. This underscores your credibility and expertise in the field.

Industry-Best Solutions:

  • You state that Esteem Energy’s initiative is to offer the best solutions in the industry, indicating a commitment to high-quality service and products.

Caring Approach:

  • You emphasize that your company doesn’t just install solar panels; you also care for them. This suggests a holistic approach to solar solutions and customer satisfaction.

Expert Solar Team:

  • You highlight the availability of solar experts within your team, ready to provide tailored solutions for homes and businesses.

Technological Excellence:

  • You aim to provide customers with the best available technology in the solar industry. This conveys your dedication to staying updated with advancements.

Energizing Homes Nationwide:

  • You convey that your mission is to provide energy solutions to homes all across Australia, indicating a wide-reaching and inclusive approach.

Esteem Energy’s commitment to excellence, customer care, and technological advancement in the solar industry. It can resonate well with individuals and businesses looking for trustworthy and innovative solar solutions.

We approach customer-focused, emphasizing education and personalized solutions.

Personalized Solar Solutions:

  • You highlight that Esteem Energy collaborates with customers to design solar power systems tailored to their needs.

Affordable and Reliable:

  • You position your solutions as cheap and reliable, emphasizing the balance between cost-effectiveness and performance.

Industry-Leading Warranties:

  • You mention that your installations come with industry-leading warranties, showcasing your commitment to quality and customer assurance.

Service Coverage Area:

  • You specify the areas you serve, which are Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Port Stephens, and Central Coast. This establishes your local presence and potential accessibility for customers in those regions.

Benefits of Solar Energy:

  • You note that solar energy is affordable and sustainable for powering homes, hinting at its advantages to families and the environment.

Educational Approach:

  • You differentiate yourselves by educating customers about solar power benefits rather than simply pushing for a sale. This approach aims to empower customers to make informed decisions.

Customer-Centric Philosophy:

  • You convey that your priority is understanding customers’ needs and finding the right solution for them, highlighting a customer-centric approach.

Why Install Solar Panels System?

  1. Reduce Energy Bills
  2. Organize Power League
  3. Get a Referral Bonus for reference

Key Advantages of Solar System and Battery Installation 

Esteem Energy deals with solar system and battery installation in NSW, Australia and other places. We are a clear and reassuring Australian solar retailer, addressing common concerns about solar panel installation and presenting your services positively.

Here’s an analysis of your statement:

Solar Retailer Expertise:

You establish your identity as an Australian solar retailer with a nationwide presence, indicating your wide reach.

Quality Assurance:

You emphasize your commitment to quality craft and products, reassuring potential customers about the reliability of your services

Warranties and Product Quality:

You mention that you offer warranties and select high-quality products, showcasing your dedication to customer satisfaction and long-lasting solutions.

Exceptional Pricing:

You highlight your competitive pricing, suggesting that customers can benefit from cost savings while receiving quality products and services.

High Standards of Customer Service:

 You emphasize your commitment to maintaining high customer service standards, indicating that customer satisfaction is a priority for your company.

Addressing Common Concerns:

You acknowledge potential customers’ concerns about solar installation due to negative press or uncertainty. This demonstrates empathy and understanding.

Guidance and Assistance:

You position yourselves as a solution to the confusion and doubts surrounding solar installation. This shows that you are willing to assist customers throughout their decision-making process.

Products and Packages:

With high-quality service, we also provide the service with commitment, assurance and a smile on the face of the customer. We offer different solar panels and systems according to the customer’s requirements, budget, electricity bills and so on. Here are the details of the meetings:

1. HT PANELS 415W:

The most highly efficient panel generates electric power via PV Systems and offers 415w Neon run.

2. Trian 415W:

It was founded in 1997, which leads to a total solution provider, especially for solar energy

3. JINKO 440W:

This is the higher module efficiency that goes up to the 20.15% benefits from a half-cell structure with low resistance characteristics.


When we talk about the inverter which goes with the system, we provide the best design with the best feature that goes to the panels and the needs of the one. Here is the list of inverters which is often used:

1. Growatt:

It has the vision of the world leader in developing, producing and distributing solar inverters. They have the latest and wide range of products providing a five-year manufacturer warranty at low rates and claim a total mean time until failure of more than 100,000 hours.

2. Fronius Inverter:

This inverter power goes from 3.0 to 8.2 kw, which completes the inverter generation. It is a single-phase, transformer-less device that is an ideal inverter for standard systems. It has an innovative Superflex design system that provides maximum flexibility in system design. At the same time, we talk about the Snapinverter mounting system that makes installation and maintenance more convenient and easier for customers. The packages include WLAN, energy management, several interfaces and much more, allowing the Fronius Primo to communicate with the user, the PV system and the grid.

3. Solis Inverter:

It specializes in PV inverters and other electronic components for generating, capacity, and storing renewable energy. It ranges from 1.0 to 75 kw with 98.8% conversion efficiency and a built-in anti-reverse function with various monitoring and communications. These inverters are electrical and convert the DC to AC, which can be fed into a power grid.

For more information about the inverters and panels, you can go on:

Why to Install Solar Panels System?

  • Reduce Energy Bills
  • Organize Power League
  • Get Referral Bonus for reference