Jinko 440w


Jinko 440w

Higher module conversion efficiency (up to 20.15%) benefit from half cell structure(low resistance characteristic).

Jinko Solar Panels is one of the world’s largest and most progressive sun panel producers. Recounted for their products and in present technology, Jinko solar panels are extensively used in both residential and enterprise installations around the world. Their panels are designed to deliver immoderate overall performance, sturdiness, and dependable performance even in harsh environmental conditions.



19 Kg


1,650 mm × 992 mm × 40 mm


3.2 mm, High transmission, Tempered Glass and low Iron with an Anodized Aluminum Alloy.


  • 4 Busbar Solar Cell
  • High Efficiency
  • Low-light Performance
  • Severe Weather Resilience
  • Durability against extreme environmental conditions

Jinko Solar Panels Review

Jinko 440W always acquire wonderful opinions from both industry specialists and consumers. A few key factors highlighted in evaluations encompass:

1. Excessive Performance: 

Jinko solar panels are recognised for their excessive performance quotes, which translate into more electricity manufacturing according to rectangular metres. This makes them a brilliant desire for installations wherein space is constrained.

2. Durability and Reliability: 

Those panels are built to resist severe climate situations, along with heavy snow hundreds and excessive winds. In addition, they have robust safety towards potential-brought-on degradation (PID), ensuring lengthy-term overall performance.       

3. Superior Era: 

Jinko carries the modern-day sun era into their panels, which include a half-of-mobile design and multi-busbar (MBB) generation, which enhance the efficiency and output of the panels.

4. Assurance and Assistance: 

Jinko Solar gives complete warranties on their panels, commonly which include a ten-12 365 days product guarantee and a 25-12 months performance assurance. This gives clients confidence in the long-term reliability of their funding.

Jinko 440W Solar Panels

The Jinko 440W solar panels are part of the enterprise’s Tiger series, which is thought of for its excessive power output and efficiency. Right here are a few key capabilities of the Jinko 440W panels:

1. Excessive Energy Output:

With an electricity rating of 440 watts, those panels are designed to generate sizeable energy, making them ideal for residential and business applications.

2. Performance:

The Jinko 440W panels have an excessive module efficiency, often exceeding 20%. This ensures most strength production even in constrained space.

3. Advanced cell era:

The 440W panels use N-kind monocrystalline cells with the multi-busbar era, which reduces resistance and increases common performance.

4. Durability:

Those panels are built to closing, with a sturdy frame and high resistance to environmental stressors. They are tested for high mechanical masses and offer exceptional overall performance in low-light conditions.

5. Aesthetics:

Jinko’s 440W panels additionally feature a swish, present-day design that blends properly with diverse architectural patterns, making them a good preference for residential installations wherein appearance is a consideration. Jinko 440W panels, mainly the 440W fashions, offer a compelling mixture of excessive efficiency, sturdiness, and superior era. Those functions cause them to be a popular preference for residential and business solar projects. Superb critiques from customers and experts alike underscore their reliability and performance, making Jinko Solar a relied-on call to the sun enterprise. Whether or not you’re trying to maximise power manufacturing on a small roof or looking for a high-output answer for a bigger set-up, Jinko’s 440W solar panels are a solid investment in sustainable power.