5 Questions Asked To Installers

5 Questions To Be Asked To Installers

Solar installers are professional and well experienced and know every in-depth of solar installation from application work to cost saving to the installation process and equipment or products. So, while the customer has many questions regarding cost and installation, here is the list of the question mentioned below that are frequently asked:

1. How does the installer calculate the optimal system size?:

A well-experienced installer is aware of the savings estimate and can provide an estimate of the savings on energy bills and total ROI. As it is a typical mathematical calculation, we can make some assumptions here: Self-consumption of solar energy has been taken in a belief, i.e., during the day time, usually residences where everyone is at work during the day, which is low as 20-30% and will directly affect your ROI and energy bill savings.

Every Year, at which rate do we assume the cost of power increases?

2. What can be done to improve solar ROI?

Here are the options to improve financial outcomes:

  1. Applying for state rebates/ grants.
  2. Shifting the energy consumption mostly in daytime hours as much as possible
  3. Exporting unused energy by limiting system size(if required).
  4. Using tilt frames on south-facing roof space

3. What happens when something goes wrong with a workmanship warranty and system?

Our quote comparison shows you the installers’ workmanship warranty. Each installer services systems differently, but our quote comparison shows you the installers’ workmanship warranty. For CEC Approved Solar Retailers, the minimum workmanship warranty length is five years, and for Esteem Energy, the workmanship warranty length is ten years

4. Are product brands local in Australia to claim a warranty?

There are a lot of unused solar systems in Australia, so if something goes wrong, ensure you have some option during the warranty period, buy products from an Australian Office, and have an Australia warranty claim process. To get a clearer image, when the installer comes to install, they help with the company name, website, and warranty claim process.

5. Is there any local customer whom I can talk to?

One should speak with the previous customer of the particular solar company rather than talking to the sales representative directly. A local company has a happy bucket of loads of local customers where one can’t find difficulty in chasing the previous customer.